Edit the Windows Hosts File to Block or Redirect Websites

Edit the Windows Hosts File to Block or Redirect Websites

Also, protocols which are utilized by programs and applications

The Windows Hosts file is just a file that Windows utilizes to manage and map internet protocol address details. By modifying the Hosts file, Windows may be tailor-made to block or redirect particular web sites and also protocols which can be utilized by programs and applications.

To begin with modifying the Windows Hosts file, you need to find it. Start Windows Explorer and then click on This Computer or My Computer. Double-click on C:\, then Windows folder and scroll on the next paragraphs before you reach the System32 folder. Inside of this folder, available motorists after which available etc. You’ll now see a few files, certainly one of that will be hosts.

Now, observe that the file kind for the hosts file is listed as File. Since there is no standard system set to start a file kind such as this, dual clicking the hosts file will just offer you a Windows prompt, asking you which system you want to used to start the file.

Using this prompt, you are able to decide to modify the hosts file with Notepad. Therefore, just click to select Notepad and then click the button that is OK. After that, Notepad will introduce with all the hosts file information.

In this manner of starting the hosts file was shown to show where in actuality the hosts file is obviously found within Windows, you won’t have the ability to modify it as it’s system file. So that you can modify the file, you need to open Notepad first, operating as an Administrator.

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